Head office


General enquiries

Please use these numbers if you know the name of the person or department you would like to contact. You can also contact us by email or post, or by submitting a query via the online query form.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911 / +27 86 112 7272
Postal address: P O Box 427, Pretoria, 0001


Office of the Governor − Chief of Staff

Our Chief of Staff supports the SARB’s senior management team, including the Governor, to ensure all activities within the organisation are streamlined. Should you wish to contact our Governor, the Chief of Staff is your first port of call.

Telephone: +27 12 399 7822


Media enquiries

The Media Office responds to enquiries about SARB-related matters from the general public and the media. 

If you are a journalist, please contact us if you would like to receive press releases and speeches. For interview requests, please send an email with the following information: the name of the person you wish to interview, the topic you are writing about and the main questions you would like to ask.

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Telephone: +27 12 399 7966


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The General Counsel, who also heads the Legal Services Department, provides legal advice to the executive team and committees of the SARB Board, and oversees access to information from the SARB’s records.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911

The SARB Group manages its legal risk through the Legal Services Department by applying a centralised legal risk management framework. This framework is contained in the Policy on the Management of Legal Risk, read with the Group Risk Management Policy.

A strong team of in-house counsel delivers legal advice, negotiates and drafts contracts and legal documentation, manages litigation and disputes, and drafts and/or approves legislation, regulation and related standards.

The department also houses the Office of the Share Transfer Secretariat and the SARB Group’s contracts management function.

It has access to a formalised panel of pre-eminent external law firms to assist with legal services, where required.


Access to information

The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000 (PAIA) is one way South African citizens and corporations resident in South Africa can access SARB records that are not of a personal nature.

In terms of PAIA, the Governor of the SARB is the Information Officer of the SARB Group. The Governor has delegated the powers and duties conferred on him in terms of section 17(3) of PAIA to Michelé Schliesser, Deputy Information Officer of the SARB Group, who can be contacted at: privacy@resbank.co.za .

The Fintech Unit of the SARB explores the implications of financial technology innovation for the SARB and financial services in South Africa, and assesses how financial services innovation, driven by technological developments, impacts on policies and regulations.

Telephone: +27 12 313 4795

SARB Graduate Development Programme

The Graduate Development Programme is aimed at giving promising recent postgraduates an opportunity to gain practical experience in, and sound theoretical knowledge of, the various functions and operations of the SARB.

This 12-month programme consists of an academic component and a work-based learning component. At the end of the programme, graduates may be appointed permanently, provided that they have met the requirements of the programme.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3394



The SARB is a purpose-led organisation serving all South Africans. Our people are our greatest asset. Working at the SARB means access to unique opportunities and exposure to work that affects all South Africans. For more information on available career opportunities at the SARB, click here.



SARB departments
  • Currency Management
  • Economic Research
  • Economic Statistics
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Stability
  • Financial Surveillance
  • National Payment System 
  • Prudential Authority 
  • Procurement    
  • Risk Management and Compliance 


Currency Management  

The SARB has the sole right to issue banknotes and coin in South Africa. The SARB has mandated the Currency Management Department (CMD) to ensure the integrity and availability of banknotes and coin. CMD works with the South African Mint Company and the South African Bank Note Company, both subsidiaries of the SARB, responsible for minting coins and printing banknotes respectively.

Telephone: +27 12 313 4713/4706/3370


South African Mint Company

Telephone: +27 12 677 2777


South African Bank Note Company

Telephone: +27 12 521 1200


Economic Research

The SARB has a strong research capability. Its research supports economic policy formulation by providing accurate economic information and well-considered analysis and recommendations. The SARB also supports researchers from academia and the broader policymaking community for work on topics of interest to the central bank. 

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911  


Economic Statistics

The SARB compiles high-quality economic and financial statistics based on international best practice for use by policymakers, financial market participants and the general public. These statistics present an overview of the economic situation in South Africa and inform the SARB’s monetary policy decisions.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911


Financial Markets

The Financial Markets Department is responsible for implementating monetary policy, managing the official gold and foreign exchange reserves, and contributing towards the SARB's financial stability mandate.

Deputy Governor: Markets
Dr R Cassim 
+27 12 313 3922  


Head of Department
Mr Z Parker
+27 12 313 4707 


Business area



Trade Settlements

Jackie Brevis

+27 12 313 4662

Treasury Accounting

Kumaran Pather

Jack Mkhatshwa

+27 12 313 3409

+27 12 313 4264

Financial Risk Management

Aurelia Makgato

+27 12 313 4039


Zandisa Fredericks

+27 12 313 4144


Mzwandile Zikalala

+27 12 313 4119

Operational Risk and Compliance

Lesego Malehopo

+27 12 313 3388

Business Solutions and Information Management

Zanele Motsa

Keneilwe Maropefela

Mzimkhulu Nxumalo

+27 12 399 6069

+27 12 313 3092

+27 12 313 3669

Market Operations and Analysis

Samantha Springfield

+27 12 313 3641

Market Operations and Investments

Henk Janse van Vuuren

+27 12 399 6822

Market and Policy Analysis

Bafundi Maronoti

+27 12 313 4739

Foreign Exchange Operations

Andries Tshishonga

+27 12 313 4950

Reserves Management

André Marais

+27 12 399 7158

Management Support

Molefe Mphuthi

+27 12 313 3722


Financial Stability

The SARB has a mandate to protect and enhance financial stability. The Financial Stability Department identifies and mitigates systemic risks that might disrupt the financial system.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911


Financial Surveillance

The Financial Surveillance Department is responsible for regulating cross-border transactions, which includes the purchase and sale of foreign currency by Authorised Dealers and Authorised Dealers in foreign exchange with limited authority (ADLAs) to residents of South Africa and non-residents. The department also oversees the implementation of international standards for anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism in respect of ADLAs.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911


National Payment System

The SARB has legal responsibility for the national payment system (NPS), which is the backbone of South Africa’s financial system. The SARB operates, supervises and oversees the NPS, and is responsible for regulation and policymaking. The SARB acts as an intermediary, or settlement agent, that enables financial institutions to make payments to each other. It operates the South African Multiple Option Settlement (SAMOS) system and the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system for the SADC region.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3431


Prudential Authority

The purpose of prudential regulation and supervision is to ensure that financial institutions and market infrastructures operating within the financial system are inherently safe and sound. The Prudential Authority regulates and supervises banks, insurance companies, cooperative financial institutions as well as securities and derivative market infrastructures.

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911



The SARB endeavours to comply with the five pillars of procurement entrenched in the Constitution. The SARB’s procurement processes are based on aspects of the public sector’s legislative framework for supply chain management combined with what the SARB views as best practice.

Telephone: +27 12 399 6548


Risk Management and Compliance

The SARB is exposed to significant inherent risks in many of its core functions. Given its unique role, the SARB’s risk management and control objectives go beyond institutional risk and return considerations to include public interest, in line with its constitutional and statutory responsibilities. 

Telephone: +27 12 313 3911

+27 12 313 4039