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At the Bank, we believe people are the key to our long-term success and that potential lies within everyone. We empower our employees with the necessary resources and opportunities required to advance and succeed in work and life. Whatever your purpose and path, the Bank is a great place to build a rewarding, successful career.


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As part of the Bank, you are serving the public, doing a job with a significant impact on South Africa’s economy, while contributing to policy making in monetary policy, regulating the financial sector, and being exposed to extensive individual learning opportunities.


Experienced hires
Here’s what some of our professionals have to say ...

It gives me a great sense of purpose and fulfilment knowing that I do what I do for something greater than just a salary at the end of the month. Knowing that I am directly contributing to the well-being of my country gives me a sense of purpose and a desire to achieve more. It makes me constantly think about how we can innovate and do better in what we do to make the financial system safer. I appreciate and find the collaborations with colleagues from other departments amazing when we see how our individual mandates intertwine to achieve the greater mandate of the Bank.

Zine – Divisional Head – Industry Technical Support





The stability of the SARB as an institution allows me the freedom to focus on my development within the organisation, without the concern of whether the SARB will still be around in the next few years. We are in a very fortunate position from that perspective. Also, being in a knowledge institution, I feel very fortunate to have access to so much information and so many brilliant minds to engage with and learn from.

Lyle – Lead Policy Analyst





I have been very fortunate over the years to have experienced a number of development opportunities offered by the SARB. I started at the SARB as a graduate on the Graduate Development Programme and have embraced opportunities that crossed my path thereafter. The SARB’s development opportunities help you to know yourself better, your strengths as well as areas for possible further development and through this I have been able to mature and develop my abilities to shape my journey at the SARB. The development opportunities have also helped me build networks with like-minded people who I may not have had interactions with during my normal working day. The opportunities are there, but it remains up to each one of us to do something with it!

Jeanne – Business Support Manager







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